Project: In Charge with Sandi Glandt


For most women, becoming a mom is something that needs adjusting. It is a new normal that asks you to re-balance all your relationships not only with your child and partner but also yourself. Bringing in an expert and an all-around lady boss, host Stefanie Peters interviews Sandi Glandt, the creator of The Modern Moms Manual, The Magic Mom Morning, and host of The Modern Moms Club Podcast. Sandi illustrates what the world looks like a woman who wants to maintain a working world and be a mom and wife at the same time. Sharing her six-week training program called Project: In Charge, she lets us in on the amazing sessions that empower women to be productive in different areas of their lives. On the side, Sandi gives some of her learning experiences and imparts the lessons she took across her journey.


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Project: In Charge with Sandi Glandt

I am lit up for this episode because this lady boss is hitting on all cylinders. It's one thing to be a lady boss when you are single. It is a whole other thing to be a lady boss when you are a mama and you are in a kick-butt relationship where you have a powerful partner that's hitting on all cylinders in his own right. I am so honored to introduce to you my dear friend, Sandi Glandt. She's the Creator of the Modern Moms manual, The Mom’s Magic Morning. She is the guide and host of The Modern Moms Club Podcast.

Let me tell you a little bit of background on her. She kicks it when it comes to productivity. She's a business strategist coach for women. She helps moms and women at large to maximize their time, gain productivity and take their time back. I have to say she is married to Jarrod Glandt. They have an adorable little guy. His name is Jacob, but they call him Jakey. I love watching him on Instagram Stories. Sandi, thank you so much for taking time out of your crazy busy schedule to connect on all the things.

Thank you so much for having me here. When you surround yourself with positive, like-minded women who are on a mission, you get even more fired up. Anytime I'm around you and my other girlfriends who are on a mission, it becomes so much greater. The purpose is greater. The reach becomes greater. You feel like whatever it is that you're doing, you feel that pure passion and happiness behind it. There are days when I go and you’re like, “I could be exhausted,” but those are the days when I feel fulfilled. I'm fueled up because I am doing so much, but I'm fulfilled by what I'm doing.

We can go so much farther, faster together. That's the thing that ignites our lives is those power partnerships that iron sharpens iron and we can help each other on the journey. It is so much more fulfilling and so much more rewarding. I'm glad to have you in my circle.

It's amazing too. You and I got connected through social. You ended up moving down to Florida. You and I connected. I say like IRL, In Real Life. It's amazing that you can make these powerful relationships online. You don't have to keep them online. You can meet people at a conference. You can meet people at an event or whatever it is. You automatically are connected with them. It's social media so you can follow people and you get to know their lives through stories and posts. You feel you know them forever and ever because you're in their life, you would be by their side.

Let me give my audience a little bit of a backstory of how we connected. We've been social for a long time. I honestly don't even remember how we connected. Long story short, when I moved to Florida, Pastor Nicole Crank had this powerhouse women's event going on. She was bringing some friends for the VIP. I was like, "I have a lot of friends all over the US but not a lot in Florida." I thought to myself, "Who do I know in Florida?" I thought it was putting myself out there on another level. I'm like, "That Sandi, she looks amazing. I'd love to get to know her more." I sent you an audio message and invited you and you came. That was the first time that we met in person. You came with me to Bethany. We're doing a fun collaborative effort and I believe we will be lifelong friends. It's so cool how was all instigated through social.

That's the beauty of it. Now, it's not just your circle of influence, the people that you are around. It's not who's around the neighborhood, who is in your community. You can reach people all over the globe and get connected with these powerhouse women who are on our mission. When we're younger, the message was who are like the popular girls, who are the popular people. You grow out of that once you get out of high school. You're like, "Who are the people I connect with?" because we all have our friends. We all have the friends that we may have been with throughout school like college, high school, whatever. When you can grow out of that and find the people that you connect with on a business level, on personal relationship levels. It becomes so much greater and you get to find your tribe of people that you can not only connect with on those business levels and stuff but that you can collaborate and make whatever your mission is ten times greater.

I want to go back a little bit to where you started your business. What inspired you to do it and how has it organically transitioned? Because what you started in years ago, you're in a completely different market. That's inspiring when someone's been doing the same thing over and over and they've had a lot of success, but how they made that shift, they've made the pivot. I'd love to hear more of your back story.

I was living in Pennsylvania. This was before I met my husband. I was running an event planning golf club. I was doing all their marketing, all their sales and all their social media. I was there for about five years. I loved it. I was like, "I need a change." I had met my husband. We were doing long distance. I moved down to South Florida. I got into health and fitness coaching. It was generic. It wasn't what I do now, which specifically is with moms. It was like, "You're a man. You're a woman. You're whoever. If you want to get in shape, come to me. We'll work out. I'll give you the health and nutrition plans. It will be great.”

In the course of doing that, I loved connecting with women because any journey that you go on, it is more mental than it is physical. It's the mental game that we play. It's what we tell ourselves. If you succeed in any area, it's because you've won the mental game of, "I'm not going to be given in to eating this cookie. I'm not going to give into wasting time. I'm not going to give in to the indulgences that everyone else is giving into because I know what my goals are, I know what my priorities are.” When I saw that, that was a big shift. These women that I was coaching and mentoring, they wanted the connection as well. They wanted to connect with other like-minded women in the business field, in the business world.

The health part of it was a component to it, but it wasn't like the main thing that was a vehicle for them to have someone to be connected to. The big part of it was like, "I want to get healthy, but I also want to find someone that gets me and I can connect with them. Mentally, she's on the same page as me.” Fast forward, I get married, I get pregnant. I had an amazing pregnancy of super healthy baby, healthy pregnancy but the postpartum part comes in. For all of the moms that are reading this, the hardest part of pregnancy is postpartum. That’s what they call the fourth trimester. That's the three to four months when you're postpartum. You're trying to figure out your new life.

I call it your new normal. It's when you are operating now whether you go from no babies to one or one to two, two to three and so on. Life is no more like it was before you've had this baby. The way that you operate, your sleeping schedules, how you're doing feedings, how you're feeding the baby yourself, not to mention all of the psychological things that are going on in your brain because your hormones are trying to fluctuate back to normal. You're trying to figure out how this dynamic between you and your partner and you and the kids. It's all like a whirlwind, everything at once. For me, it was the first time in my life where I was like, "Holy crap." Everything I have learned like, “Charge ahead when things get tough,” and this and that, now this is to the test because now this is not just like, "I'm going crazy because I'm in postpartum."

I was like, "I need to find a solution to what I'm going through." What I was going through was figuring out my new normal, figuring out how to be productive and get things done now with a newborn. It’s figuring out the relationship now between my husband and I and what that looked like. It’s figuring out what my world looks like now as a woman who wanted to maintain a working world and also be a mom and a wife. It's not just like a mom or a wife on a level that was like extraordinary relationships. It was at that moment where I had a breaking point. They say a breakdown is also an opportunity for a breakthrough. That was my moment where I was like, "This is not it. I'm not going to let this defeat me, define me and I need to find a solution to this because if I'm going through this, there's got to be other women that are going through this too."

I put the very beginning of the transition in my business from health and fitness into postpartum mom world, coaching moms, was my The Magic Mom’s Morning Guide. It was ten and bonus steps of simple things that moms can do in the morning to be productive, to have fast wins and to see success first thing in the morning. Even if the only thing they do is make their bed, brush their hair or take a quick shower, they can feel fulfilled as a mom. As you go on, your baby isn't going to stay three to four months forever. They're not going to be in that newborn stage forever. It evolves. It was not how does this benefit you in the morning, but how does it benefit you being super productive when your kids are growing up?

My son is turning two and the same stuff applies. Now, it looks different because instead of taking a shower and putting some makeup on, now it's productivity to move my business forward, move my relationships forward. That moment of being postpartum and trying to find a solution for myself, I was able to find a solution for other women. These are tips that you can put into place immediately to see results, to see productivity and to feel good about yourself. Because as a new mom, you want to have that feeling of, "I'm doing something. I feel accomplished." Whether it's in your business or personal life, you want to have those wins. That's what my Magic Mom Morning Guide did for me at that time. Eventually it had evolved, where now it's a full-on productivity and time management coaching that I do for moms.

That is such a gift that you're giving to the world. What I think is so neat about that is you hit rock bottom point and that was the moment that you pick yourself up. You hear about how you needed to do what you needed to do to be productive, but it didn't stop there. You're like, "If I'm having all these issues, I want to pay this forward and help people with their problems." That's the whole definition of an entrepreneur. Even I coach my girls saying, "If you wouldn't have problems, you don't have a job."

You flipped that moment where you could have stopped dead in your tracks and then be like, "This must be all there is,” and getting the fixed mindset that you said, "No, I'm going to step up into the faith mindset. I'm going to figure this out and I'm going to pay this forward and give other mamas permission to live out their God-sized dream." That lights me up. Seeing that is so exciting. The fun thing is there are different coaches for different people. I had a gal reach out to me. She gave me a referral of someone that she thought could be a good person that I can coach. She said, "It could be a great fit."

I ran through what all her goals were and she wanted to be in the event planning world. She wanted to be a better mom and all these things. I'm like, "I'm going to be honest with you right now. I can help you, but you know who I think would be a better fit? It’s Sandi. I think she can help you on all cylinders." That's what a gift we have in our tribe. We have other resources inside our inner circle to help people live their best life. I'm excited oft how your business has become who you are and an extension of who you are and helping the masses.

You're always learning. Our kids are our biggest teachers. Everyone's like, "You teach your kids this and that." They teach us way more than we could ever teach them. My son teaches me patience. It's like when in those moments when you're like, "Do the thing." You're like, "Let's calm down and breathe. Let's take a breath." It's great for us as moms to use those as learning moments for ourselves. There's so much that he teaches me every single day that I'm like, "This is amazing that you can step back and learn from these moments." Everything that I do every day I'm learning and I pass on what I'm learning to these moms. I know the things that have helped me, the clients that I work with and the massive wins that they have. I see the progress that they make because as a mom, it's so easy to fill the mom guilt.

To feel guilty for working or guilty for being with your kids and not working or not putting enough time into yourself because there's this meme out there. It's like a wife talking to her husband and she's like, "It's either the house or me. We both can't look at it at the same time." It's funny but at the same time, I laugh at those things because that's a client that I worked with, the woman that's like, "I can't." It's either this or that. You can have it all. You have to tap into what your priorities are and what you want to focus on and what your goals are.

What would you say for a mom that is out there that maybe has a couple of kids, maybe they're three and five? She is working from home and she's trying to make that transition to create her new normal. What would be a handful of productivity hacks that could help her at that stage of the game for those kiddos?

I would say the first thing is to define what the goal is. You have to be super clear on what your goal is so you know what steps you're taking every single day. If a goal of hers is to launch a product or a course or write a book or whatever it is. What she's doing every day, those small steps are going to compound. Whether it's 30 minutes, an hour or twenty minutes, I walk my clients through steps that they can take. Ten-minute tests every day that helps them move the ball forward in their business or at home. These are things that don't take long. It's not like a long commitment of time. It's under 30 minutes and it's aligned with the bigger goal. As I walk them through this, I say, "You have your year." That's hard for people to look at an entire year and say, "These are the big goals that I want to accomplish, but where do I start and how does it all work together?"

We look at the year. We look at the goals. We break it down into quarters, which we break it down into months, weeks and days. We backtrack out of the goal. I help them put in actionable steps every single day on how to work towards the goal. If she's like, "I want to be a present mom, but I also am working from home. I want to reach a certain rank or level in my company." It could be something as simple as making videos for social media and getting more content out there. What is she doing? You can't make more content if you don't make more content.

Get a goal in place, set the goal, shoot content for five minutes a day, twenty minutes a day. Also, another good tip that so many of my moms struggle with doing this, but it made such a game-changer is to be where you are. If you're in work, be in your work. Don't feel guilty for not being with your kids. Also vice versa, when you're with your kids, be with your kids and don't be at work. It allows you to fully be present and get done what you need to get done and not half be in each thing. If you're trying to make a work phone call, type up an email, your kids running around getting in trouble or getting in the dirt or whatever he or she is doing, your attention is totally split. You cannot be fully present in what you're doing. Therefore, you're not happy. It's not getting done the way it should be getting done. Be where you are. If it's only ten minutes or an hour or two hours that she has to work in a day, do that, get it done right and move on to the next thing.

You live that actual example out. When I watch your Instagram stories, when you are with Jakey, you are with Jakey. That's such an inspiration to me because I feel like I've been able to master my schedule and the time management as a single gal living on my own. I'm having a lot of notes from Sandi Glandt.

I'll give you all the courses. You'll have everything.

Empowering Working Moms: A breakdown is also an opportunity for a breakthrough.

Empowering Working Moms: A breakdown is also an opportunity for a breakthrough.

I'm honored to be a part of the next project that you are launching on such a big scale. I want to let all my Lady Bosses know about this. Go at it, Sandi.

It’s called Project: In Charge. The idea originated because I have all of these badass babes that are in my network, that are in my world. Everyone's doing something different. For me, I specialize in coaching moms and getting down to their niches, productivity, time management and stuff. You're doing amazing things in your world where you're coaching women on something totally different than what I coach on. My girlfriend, Natalia Kern, she teaches women on what she's amazing at doing. I'm like, "We have so many amazing women in our tribe." Everyone is different. Everyone is teaching something different. Everyone solves a different problem. What if we brought all these women together?

If you were to pay for a coaching package with one of us alone, it would be ten times the value of what we are offering for Project: In Charge and what we're doing. I said, "What if we brought these four pillars, which is health and fitness, relationships, meaning relationships with your partner, your kids, the people that you work with and the sisterhood." Having that tribe of women who get what you're doing, who are in the thick of it in business, maybe they're married, maybe they're not. Maybe they have kids, maybe they don't. They know that they want it all. They're like, "I want to have the business, the family and the amazing community and the support around me," be able to tie all of this in together and have this supportive community of other people who are going for whatever their goals are. Everyone's goals are different.

You bring the community together and you're able to also have the community plus the coaches. What we did is it's myself, Sanja Hatter and Natalia Kern are the three main coaches for Project: In Charge. Each one of us is speaking on our main signature program, course or coaching is on. These women are in the group. It's for women. It's a six-week program. Every week, one of the main coaches are teaching in this six-week workshop. Also every week, we have a bonus coach and staff. You're one of our bonus coaches for Project: In Charge. We had again, the health and fitness side, we've got the business side, we've got the relationship side and this is the community.

Those are the four pillars. As you were saying, if one of those things is off, it's like nothing is jiving and grooving the way it should be. If you feel your relationship at home is off or you feel in your business, you're not able to get into the creative flow and have the juices or maybe you want to be expanding your business. These are women that are coming in to teach on what their signature coaching is about and we're bringing it all together. Whereas if you were to hire these women all individually, you'd be tens of thousands of dollars into these programs and coaching, but we brought it together, all these women in one workshop, a six-week workshop. Wherever you are, when you start this workshop, in six weeks, you're going to be able to maximize your goals, the projects that you're working on, your community, your business, the relationships, everything, every area of this course is going to skyrocket within six weeks. What we want to do is we want to expedite the process in those six weeks, in each one of those areas for the women that are joining this community.

You have such an epic line up. When I looked at all of the amazing women that are a part of this, I was like, "I want to be a part of all these. Teach me all the things."

As we were creating this course, we were like, "We want to be in this." This is so funny. This is something we would buy. This is something we would like to invest in because this is the thing. When you surround yourself around other women or likeminded people that are doing bigger things, you can have the support of people, like our parents, like our friends and they're like, "Good job for you doing that thing you do." They have no idea. They don't know what goes into it. They don't know the hustle, this blood, sweat and tears that go into the projects that we do. They're going to pat us on the back no matter what we do because they're proud of you because they're our friends and family.

When you can get around other people who think bigger and are pushing for more, when you tell them your goals and dreams, they're like, "Why stop there? Have you thought about X, Y and Z? Have you taken this course of action?” When I went to Stef and I said, "I want to be writing a book." She's like, "Sandi, I can help you out in this area. If you need training or someone to hold you accountable in writing your book, this is what I can do for you," because she's been there, she's done it. The women, the coaches that are in this six-week workshop, they've been in the trenches. They've gone through. They've figured out the solutions, the challenges and they know that it works. Whether it's a challenge you're facing in business, in your relationships, growing the community and the sisterhood of other women that think bigger on a larger scale and getting around that or health and fitness, every single coach that we're bringing into this workshop has gone through it. They've gone through it. They’ve figured out the solutions. If you are going through something, you want to figure something out, they want to help you expedite that process.

I say this all the time to my Lady Bosses, success leaves clues. Get crystal clear on what your goal is, what your why is and your business model. Look for inspiration online and ask whoever that person is, can they coach you? Whatever the cost is of figuring out, they are going to help you save so much time. They're going to help you navigate so you don't have to go through all those crazy detours. You can get to where you want to go back much quicker. It's so much more rewarding because you are an entrepreneur on your own a lot of times. Even in my journey, the first couple of years I felt so isolated like I'm on an island. If I would have met my mentor early on in the game, imagine how it would have saved me years.

Money and time and everything, that's where this whole idea that I got came from because I was like these women, they have the knowledge and the expertise in their field. We've hand-selected the coaches that are in this program because this is what we would want. As we were making this, we wished we would have had this years ago because it helps you expedite the process that you're on. If you know you have these big goals and these big dreams and you're like, "I want to get there faster. Who wouldn't want to shortcut that process?" There are no shortcuts but you can learn from people who have gone through where you want to go. If you see someone and you're like, "I would love to be able to write a book, launch a course and have a similar business.” Don't go figure it out on your own. Learn from someone that's done it and has success. Use that person to help you navigate your world and how you're going to do it.

That one idea, one shift can be the difference between a six-figure business and a seven-figure business. Even in writing my book, I attended a women's empowerment event. I was going into it to help my mentee that I was mentoring at the time. I was like, "This can be a great game-changer.” Little did I know walking into that was the day that I was going to decide to write my book and I figured out the resources from there because I made the decision at that moment. You only know what you know. When you have friends and family around you, you're going to continuously live by default. This is probably the best way that I can explain it is you are a little goldfish in a fish tank, but when you join something like this, you're like, "There's a whole ocean that I have access to that I have no idea.”

We want these women to feel empowered. We want them to think bigger and go for more, whatever their goals are, like, "Yes, achieve that." Think bigger and allow yourself to go for that. A lot of times you feel lonely and isolated in an entrepreneurial world because a lot of times you're at home. Maybe you're working from home, you don't have an office where you're going into. You may not have a business where you've hired a whole team yet. It's you and you and that's it. You’re talking to yourself a lot of the time and you're talking to the screen a lot. For me and my business, my clients are all over the world, but I'm talking to a computer screen. We're doing this.

Even that, at least you're talking to someone else versus when I do my videos, you press record and you talk, but it can be lonely. A lot of times when you join masterminds, you start to see, "I have these ideas but someone else has these other good ideas. What if I took the idea that I have and I paired it up with that or I made this little tweak or you improve it?" That much more, it's like a launchpad for these women that can get on board with something that can change the trajectory and the course of their entire business, their lives and the lives of their families.

I'll even say the reason that I moved to Florida is because I joined a mastermind. Even though that I give my girls all the time permission to live the life they've been called to, for whatever reason, I had some blocks in my own life and giving myself stories of why I couldn't do this, that and the other thing. That group of women was like, "What are those things that you ultimately want to do?" I knew it wasn't going to align to a life full-time in Minnesota. I cut all ties, sold almost everything and made the leap. I honestly don't know if I would've done it as quickly if it weren't for the support of those amazing women. I know that they'll be in my life forever. I was having a relationship thing going on and I called up Christie. She guided me through it. Even though she's great with all the relationship components, I'm great with the business components. I get a mastermind call for her girls. It's cool how when you get introduced to other women with other strengths. That's what makes the tribe strong. Thank you for creating this incredible tribe, Sandi.

Project: In Charge is where all the ladies can go to check on the information on that. We are doing an early bird, fast action price right now. We want to reward the people that take action and I say you need to be the captain of your own ship. You need to get into that captain's chair. You need to take hold of the wheel and you steer that ship where you want it to go, not where the wind blows you, not where someone else is telling you to go. You get in control and you make those decisions. Because a big part of my life when I didn't make that transition from Pennsylvania to Florida, I said, "The thing that kept popping into my head was "You now are in control of your life. You've made this decision."

My parents decided to raise us in Pennsylvania. That was their dream. That was their goal. That wasn't mine. Mine is what I'm living right now. It was because I made that decision to make the move, to take the leap, to take the chance and get into that driver's seat. That's why I encourage women to do it. Stef, you did the same thing. You said, "I need to make this move." Whether it's physically moving out of this state that you grew up in and everything that you know and what you're used to, or it's getting around a community of other women that encourage you to think and grow bigger. All of that is allowing you to step into that driver's seat to take action and to create the life that you want to live.

The three people that are the main coaches, it's you, Natalie Kern and Sanja Hatter. I know Natalie and she is incredible. I can't wait to get to know her more. Sanja, I don't know that much about her so I'm looking forward to learning from her as well. Talk about that.

Sanja and her husband, Cole Hatter, they are the founders of Thrive. They put on events. They're all on the West Coast. When we were creating this, we were like, "We're bringing the East Coast. We're bringing the West Coast. We're bringing them together." It's amazing. Some of the bonus coaches that we have are in Australia, London. They are all over the globe, these incredible powerhouse women. It's not just this is a United States thing; this is all over the globe. We're bringing the best of the best. These women are incredible in what they do. They're bringing you their tips and strategies to implement that day. It’s not when the course is over. The day you learn it, you go and you implement.

Tell them again, where can they go specifically to check out all of these details?


When you sign up for that, please, if you go on Instagram, if you want to tag Sandi and me, Sandi, give them your Instagram handle.

It's @SandiGlandt.

You can also tag me, @LadyBoss_SP. When you do that, send me your address and I will send you something fun right along with this incredible six-week course. I'm excited for you, Lady Bosses.

When they sign up, they get access to the private Facebook group as well.

You're hitting on all cylinders with Instagram and Facebook. They've got that community and tribe.

We're excited. We want to celebrate these ladies. This is exciting. The nice thing is too is a lot of people do this either at the very end of the year or the very beginning of the year. New Year's resolutions, "I want the next year off to a good start," or they do it at the end of the year in December because they want to get ready for the next year. This is solidifying how you're going to close out 2019 and how you're going to go into 2020. It's not too late to crush this year and then go strong into the next year.

Empowering Working Moms: There are no shortcuts when you can learn from people who've gone through where you want to go.

Empowering Working Moms: There are no shortcuts when you can learn from people who've gone through where you want to go.

I want to talk and ask you a couple of questions specifically revolving around business and entrepreneurship for that newbie. If you are back in time and telling yourself one piece of advice, what would it be and why?

I am trying to teach this to my son as he gets older. I'm like, "Remember that you would have had this piece of advice." It would be to fail more often because we learn so much from our failures. Growing up it was always like a bad thing. If you didn't do good on a test or a grade or a project or something, I was always so scared of failure. I was so scared not to get good grades or scared to mess something up. Anytime that happens, whether it's a launch or whatever we do, nothing is perfect in life. It is such an amazing learning opportunity. Such a big part of me wishes that I would have failed forward more.

I would have taken the failure and learn from it because my whole life, I was always like, "It's got to be perfect," but nothing is perfect. If we can learn to take those failures, those moments instead of feeling like it was a failure and we didn't succeed getting up, brushing yourself off and saying, “How would I do it better next time?” It wasn't a failure. It was a learning opportunity. For all the moms and the women reading, do this in your own life and say, "The things that I'm going through right now, you fail if you stop and you don't move forward. You take that experience and you learn from it, you grow from it and you can create something even better." That is like the true definition in my opinion of success because you're always creating, learning and becoming better than when you did it the first time or the second or the third and so on.

I like the mantra, either you win or you learn, not lose. Can I bring you through quickly the Lady Boss lightning round where you are going to get your questions in like fifteen seconds or less, to get to know details? Number one, when you aren’t crushing it in business, what do you love to do?

Other than being with my son, working out because I love working out, staying active and he even joins me sometimes, so that's super fun.

When someone says, "I want to become the boss of my own life and call the shots,” what's my first step?

Take accountability for everything in your life. No matter what happens, take accountability.

What are you absolutely addicted to?

I love podcasts because I can listen to them in the shower while I'm getting ready, while I'm driving. It's podcast episodes and audiobooks. I'm listening again to Rich Dad Poor Dad.

That's such a good one. What are you reading right now?

It's Dr. Shefali, The Conscious Parent.

What’s the best piece of advice you've ever received?

Stay in your own lane. Don't worry about the person next to you and keep going forward no matter what. I was saying before, learn from your mistakes but don't worry about what the person next you is doing you, in front of you or behind you, focus on what you're doing and stay in your own lane.

Keep your eyes on your own yoga mat.

Because otherwise, you get distracted and you're often trying to get in someone else's business or whatever they're doing and you end up losing the vision of what you started off with.

What's your most embarrassing moment?

Probably when I was in middle school. There was this middle school dance and my mom didn't want me wearing like a tank top. I snuck it in to wear it. She came and she showed up at the dance bringing the other shirt like a long sleeve turtleneck shirt for me to wear. I'm sure one day if I ever have a daughter, I will so understand her.

What's your favorite food?

It's sushi.

Who inspires you or who do you aspire to be like?

The person that inspires me the most are two people. I would say, my grandmother. I call her my bubby. She raised four boys. She was a teacher. She was working. If you want to talk about superwoman, she is the woman who did it all. She could write my courses and do my content ten times over the way that I do it and make it ten times better. I still look up to her. Her husband, my grandfather, had the best relationship. They are married for 70-some years. When I think about, “Can you have the business, the family and raise amazing kids?” She is my ultimate of what I aspire to be.

My dad is an entrepreneur and he paved the way for me to have an entrepreneurial mindset and view the world in an entrepreneurial way. This is going back to me reading the book Rich Dad Poor Dad right now versus seeing, "You've got to go to school. You've got to get the education." You got to be in systematic school-based thinking. It stunts your growth because you're thinking so much of the way society wants you to think versus, “How can I grow and build myself and an empire on my own?” versus the way that school systems teach and whatnot. You can start to think bigger and expand.

That's neat that you shared that your people, your family. Not a lot of people can say that. Coffee or chocolate?

The Conscious Parent: Transforming Ourselves, Empowering Our Children

The Conscious Parent: Transforming Ourselves, Empowering Our Children

I have one piece of dark chocolate sitting on my desk, but coffee is life. That is hard. If I had to pick one, it would be chocolate. I would give up the caffeine in the coffee for dark chocolate.

Describe yourself in one word.

The first word that comes to mind is motivated, but I feel like that's like not interesting. What else would I say?

Motivated is powerful. There are a lot of things that you could say within that.

I'll go with motivated because you need to be when you are trying to run a business, keep a family together and keep your own stuff together. You have to be motivated in order to get organized get done everything that needs to be done. You got to be on top of it and you got to be motivated in order to do all the things.

If you could swap lives with one person for a day, who would it be and why?

It would definitely be my husband because he always says to me, "You could never do what I do." I would welcome the challenge. I would love to reverse the roles and have him do what I do and me do what he does.

I’ll be the cheerleader. I want to see that.

I would love to swap roles with him for a day.

In another life, I hope that happens. If you were a superhero, who would you be and why?

I want to be Flash. I don't know a lot of the superheroes, but it would allow me to get to the places I needed to go faster so I can get more done.

Everyone says Wonder Woman. You think outside the box.

Every time I'm running to go do something, I always see myself like, "If I could fly there, I could be faster and get it done a lot faster."

I have a couple of other questions that I don't normally ask, but I do want to ask this out of curiosity. What are some of the things that you outsource right now as a mom or do you not?

I outsource every single thing I can outsource. Everything from groceries, I had Instacart. I should be sponsored by Instacart because I use them four times a week. I had two Instacart deliveries coming at the same time. Everything from Instacart, everything from Amazon that I can order. I outsource everything. I have virtual assistants that I use. If I say I have a course that I'm putting together, all of the content, all the meat of the course is mine. I type of all the content, it's all mine. When it comes to the PowerPoints and it looking pretty, I will nitpick and it will never be perfect for me. I outsource all of the creative stuff and I can say, "Here you go VA, take this. Make it look nice, make it look pretty. Put some nice little effects on it, transitions on it and send it back to me," because otherwise, I will spend too much time doing those things.

Honestly, I'd rather spend time with my coaching clients, with my son, with my family than have to even try and figure out something else. I stay in my wheelhouse, I know what I'm good at and everything else I outsource. Even to the point where I have a nanny, she comes in the morning, that's outsourcing. She walks the dog. She takes care of the baby so I can work. Anything that I can outsource, I am such a cheerleader for that because you need to be where you are and do what you do best. I call it the money-making moves. Whatever in your business, you do the best and can maximize your time and make you more money, focus on that.

You stay in your zone of genius. I talk about that. How many hours of sleep on average would you say you get a day?

I'd say a good solid eight, eight and a half. I need my sleep. I'm in bed by 9:00, 9:30. If you ask my husband, he started out in the boat when we went out. It was so embarrassing. He was like, "She needs her sleep or she turns into a crazy lady." I'm like, "Yeah, because I'm doing five million things."

If I ever make that transition to be a mom, it inspires me because I've been pounded like, "You're going to hardly get any sleep." It's like, "You outsource it." When I stayed at your house and I woke up, Jarrod was taking care of Jakey. He was like, "She's going to still sleep for a while." I'm like, "Good for her."

Monday through Friday when Jarrod is in his routine because he wakes up and he goes to the gym. It's like mommy duty from the time Jake wakes up. I'm usually up before him until the nanny gets here. I'll make breakfast or we'll play or whatever. On the weekends, our deal is mama gets to sleep in for an extra half an hour to an hour. He'll take Jake out. They'll go to Starbucks. It's nice because my husband does work a lot. When Jake on the weekends especially, it's good for me. It's a win-win situation. I get to sleep in a little bit. They get to have their time together and everybody's happy.

Jarrod’s a good hubby. He works so hard and he's so amazing where he's not just working. He does make the intentional time to be with the family. It’s almost my son's birthday so we're also doing a party in Philly as well. He's in Australia right now. I was like, "Baby, you don't want to have to come to Philly." I gave him the out because when he comes home and he's like a day home after he comes home from Australia and the party is in Philly the next day. He's getting off the plane in Miami from Australia and then flying to Philly to be at the party. He does prioritize both the business and the family stuff. He’s amazing at doing both. I got to give hubby props too.

That's what makes you guys a power couple. You know the roles that you're in and it's not all about one or the other. It was fun watching you take videos of him on your Instagram story. He was promoting your stuff. What beautiful do that for each other?

I'm all behind. If he's like, "I’ve got to work late. I’ve got to go on a business trip." We support each other in that area because if not, I feel like it would be hard to have someone at home for either of us if he was like, "Why are you taking calls late at night?" I have some calls that I do at night when you use that to help put the baby down. He's home and he's here for that or he's got to go out to a business meeting at night and he's like, "I'm not going to be home tonight." I feel like it is an amazing support system that we both went into the relationship saying, "These are my goals as an individual. We both will help honor the other person's goals." Together we have our goals, but separately we cheer and root for the other person in whatever it is they want to go after.

What is your definition of a boss?

My definition of a boss is someone who can handle you know what and they don't allow circumstances or people to walk all over them. They know when they need to get things done. They take the initiative, they step up and they take the full accountability for whatever's going on in their life. They're able to be fulfilled in every area and not feel guilty for living the life that they want to live.

Any last words of wisdom?

I would say no matter where you are in your business, in your life, think bigger and go for more. Don't settle for where I'm at now. Also, I would say be grateful for where you are because I am a huge component. Every morning I wake up, I do it with my son, we'll do a gratitude list. We'll say three things that we're grateful for. You can't repeat anything that you've said in the past. Be extremely grateful for where you are. Count your blessings every day, but always go for more. Don't put any limitations on yourself. Know that there are always solutions. There's Google. There are people. There are coaches out there who can help you fast track where ever it is you want to go. Don't ever feel like if there's a roadblock in the way, if there's a setback that is not, it's always going for what you want to go for. The sky's the limit. A lot of us, we become more own limitations and excuses. If you can put that aside, step back from that, become the problem solver and find the solutions, you can have whatever you want in life.

Many people are going to want to connect with Sandi Glandt, so where can they connect with you? How can they follow you? Once again, I want you to promote the course and where they can get access to it ASAP. is the six-week program that we've been talking about where you'll jump in. Stef is going to be in there. She has a full week where she's coaching. You guys will be able to check her out in there as well. Myself is @SandiGlandt on all the platforms, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, all over YouTube.

Empowering Working Moms: No matter where you are in your business or in your life, think bigger and go for more.

Empowering Working Moms: No matter where you are in your business or in your life, think bigger and go for more.

Sandi, thank you from the bottom of my heart for investing in this friendship, investing in what you're doing out in the world. It's so easy for us to say, "I'll do it one day." You've drawn a line in the sand and said, "No, now is my time to live out my purpose, my destiny, my calling." That's why you have so many other women and people at large the permission to grab the pen and write their own stories. Thank you for being who you are.

Thank you for having me on here. I want to say one last thing is the beginning of this year, I asked the universe or God or whatever you want to call it. I said, "I have lived in Florida for a few years and I want to get connected with other like-minded women. I want this tribe and this community as amazing as our partners can be in our husbands and our families. There's something so magical and special when you have those boss babe girlfriend relationships in your life. I didn't have that. I had one or two girlfriends that were around this area. I want to expand this and have this tribe. I made that big ask. I remember it was right at the beginning of January. Ever since that day, I have this amazing tribe of women staff. I include you in that.

I'm thankful because first and foremost, you need to become the woman that you are asking for. You need to be able to support, empower and be that friend that you're asking to have in your life. I had my family, my husband and my own business, but I still knew I was missing something. When I finally put that out there and made it my mission to connect with these women, they started coming in from everywhere. I was like, "This is amazing." Where are these women for the past few years? The thing was, they were always there. I say like, “Dorothy, you had the slippers all along. You needed to know how to take that power and use it. Again, it all starts with you. Whether it's launching the business, creating those relationships, going after the marriage, the relationship that you want, it all starts with you. It comes back to you and the decisions that you're making. That's where Project: In Charge came from, was becoming in charge of your life and the decisions that you're making and allowing yourself to step into that power.

I thought we ended on an amazing note to another level. Sandi, you said it so well. I want to challenge all my team, my tribe. My challenge to you is for you to fire your fear, build your faith and become the boss of your own life. Take advantage of the resources that are right there in front of you. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. Go check it out. Go to Do yourself a favor and change your life forever.

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