are you a lady boss looking to use your skills?

We believe in creating financial freedom and an impact! Our team is continually expanding and on the lookout for talented and dedicated woman who want to earn a living on their own time while always creating a massive impact! Here at THE BOSS LIFE, we've discovered different avenues to create financial freedom and we want to teach you to do the same. Interested? Keep reading! 



Health and Wellness is ESSENTIAL for anyone, especially entrepreneurs! Because we believe so strongly in creating the best possible lifestyle and environments for production and joy, we've partnered with a leading wellness company to help other people start living their healthiest life. No, sister...we don't knock on doors to sell products. We focus on education and training and we've been doing this with the same company for over 10 years. It's legit, and we are continually looking for other women who: 

  • Are coachable and not afraid to grow as a leader 
  • Have a desire to live a wellness based lifestyle and to teach others to do the same 
  • Want to have the freedom to work from anywhere 
  • Love people, teamwork, and a GOOD TIME! 
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Do you love what we are doing here? Have you been to an empowerment event, taken a course, worn a fabulous shirt, read "Unleash Your Lady Boss" and found yourself loving/sharing all things "THE BOSS LIFE" with others? Are you an influencer with a tribe and feel our brand connects well to your audience? Then click, “apply here” to be considered & selected for the exclusive position as a Boss Life Ambassador!   

What you will receive:

  • VIP access & behind the scenes on upcoming projects 
  • Exclusive discounts to our worldwide empowerment events - next stop Paris!
  • Discounts on brand apparel
  • SHOUT OUTS galore! 


Ok, let us give it to you straight. There are multiple ways that you can chase your dreams, but no matter which route you still need to pay the bills. Here at the THE BOSS LIFE, we believe strongly in making an impact AND an income. If you are someone who is ready to step into building an empire, we have options! This "learn more" button below is for those of you seeking to push all excuses aside and dive into a business. So what do you do? Great question! As an ultimate Lady Boss you:

  • Intern alongside our top leaders 
  • Build others around you into leaders 
  • Conduct wellness workshops 
  • Work with our founder to support other leaders  
  • Earn a REAL LIFE CHANGING income 

Please only click on "learn more" if you are seriously inquiring and ready to take a leap into business