How To Take The LEAP


Change can be hard, especially when you take a big leap away from your comfort zone. In this episode, host Stefanie Peters shares the massive shifts and leaps that she has made in the last 90 days. Gathering the realizations she got from that, Stefanie gives some action steps that you need to take in order to move the needle in your life. Begin to take the leap, shift, and be unapologetic about it. Get inspiration from Stefanie, boss up. and be the best version of yourself.


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How To Take The LEAP

Learning From Mastermind

I promised you in the last episode that I was going to come on and talk to you about the massive shift and leap that I have made in the last few days. To say that your life can't completely shift on many levels spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally, financially in 90 days is crazy. What can happen in a few days? Let me leave it there. I am going to dive right in. There are some concepts that I want to share with you that will help you to dial into where you're feeling called, what you want to do and the action steps that you need to take in order to move the needle in your life. Take the leap, shift and be unapologetic about it. Let me dive right in. I attended this mastermind out in California in March. They shared many concepts out there that completely shifted the perspective of what is possible.

That's the number one principle to apply to your life. What are you consistently listening to that is expanding your vision and questioning your status quo? Because if you don't have people in your life that are consistently doing that for you, you are signing up for living the exact same type of life from the year before and the year before. That's why going to events, going to masterminds, meeting with people that are miles ahead of you, buy books, podcasts, all the things in order to stretch you so you don't get into success coma. Often, especially if you have a type-A personality like me, people will be patting you on the back, “You're crushing your goals. You're making it happen. You're making such an impact.” When you get quiet and listen to that still small voice, you will hear that there is always that next level and you have to level up.

What this mastermind did for me, this is probably the best way to explain it. I was living unaware in a fish tank when there was an ocean that was available to me. I want to shift that in you. I want to ask you a couple of questions that may prick something inside or prick your heart and get you to a place of deciding not to be denied in your life and not taking what everyone else says as your truth. I want you to ask yourself regularly, “Who said?” Who said you couldn't write the book? Who said you couldn't start the business, pursue the relationship, sell all your stuff, move across the country? If you fight for your limiting beliefs, you get to keep them or you can boss up, get uncomfortable, lean in and live the life of your dreams. I will be the first to say these last few days when I decided to take the leap have been extremely uncomfortable. They have tested me in ways that I never thought possible. I am so grateful for this experience and I'm living it out.

Soul Shift

I'm sharing with you at the moment what has happened. When I hit 30 in February, I had the biggest soul shift in my entire life and it freaked me out. I woke up on my birthday and I started to feel suffocated to where I was living when a month before I was feeling completely at peace at my environment and my inner circle. When March happened and I flew out to the mastermind in California, I was exposed to a way different perspective. It shifted my paradigm in probably the most massive way in my life. At that point, when you come to that enlightenment point, you have two options in your life. You can live in the paralysis of analysis and deny yourself of the shift your soul is calling for, or you can boss up, lean into the unknown and make the leap. I made the leap. I sold almost all of my stuff in Minnesota, people called me crazy, and I bought a place in Florida because I knew that is what my soul was calling for. I knew what that next upper limit was in my life and I had to shatter that glass ceiling to go to that next point. I knew I couldn't accomplish it in Minnesota.

I will be the first to say, it ruffles feathers when you make a decision like that. People won't understand. They will judge you and you will feel uncomfortable. I'm not saying you need to sell all your stuff and move across the country. There's going to be someone in the audience that you do. For others that's not what your soul is calling for, I want you to put yourself in this story and ask, what is that thing that keeps knocking on the door of your heart, but you're not doing because that person won't be happy with you? You're in a place where you feel like you should be doing this but yet you know it isn't for your higher good.

I will share a story with you that was very uncomfortable. Even to share this now is freaking me out a little bit. There was someone in my life that I care for so deeply. When I felt the soul shift, I knew that my decision to move across the country was going to make this person feel very uncomfortable. They weren't going to be excited about that decision. They were going to feel hurt by the decision, but yet I knew in my gut, if I didn't do this and I wasn't true to myself, then I knew I was going to become resentful of the situation long-term. As hard as it was to stand in my power, to stand in my truth, I had to confront that person, let them know that I love them dearly. They are an amazing human being and I appreciate who they are and I will support them to the nth degree, but I had to do this. I was going to be okay with them not being okay with the decision that I was going to make of moving across the country.

I do believe that when we die, we are going to be held accountable not for what we did but what we are called to do. Sometimes I feel like we can get so wrapped up in the not moving fast enough. We think someone else's path is sexier or more enticing. We’re thinking we should be doing this because then our parents will be proud. We’re thinking we should be doing that because that's what society tells us we need to do. You’re doing it because then someone will be proud of you or someone will be friends with you. Stop it. At the end of the day, nothing will replace that feeling that you get from running all out in your lane and running your race. At the end of the day, you are performing for an audience of one.

Taking The Leap: When we die, we are going to be held accountable not for what we did but what we were called to do.

Taking The Leap: When we die, we are going to be held accountable not for what we did but what we were called to do.

When I moved to Florida, I had a freak-out moment. I'm like, “I'm in a completely new area. I don't know many people here at all. I am completely outside of my comfort zone.” I had a full out freak-out moment, but that uncomfortable place is truly where the magic happens. When I got still and I listened to that still small voice, I knew in my gut this is where I'm supposed to be. This is where God is calling me to for such a time as this. I leaned into it. I started networking like a boss. I started getting involved in different things and it's not happening overnight, but the phenomenal opportunities that have come down my pipeline because I did this are massive. I know that in the next few days my life will not look anything like it did a few months ago because I was willing to make the hard call. I also know that if I hadn't created this space for this to happen, I would deny myself, my tribe and the Creator of my true potential. In turn, now that I've made this shift, it will empower countless people because I decided to step into my truth, not deny where I am feeling called and go all-in for this.

Choose The Pain, Create Your Reality

I want to dive into your life. I know not everyone can move across the country in a 60-day timeframe, but everyone can create an environment for massive growth when they make the hard call and take the leap. We allow what we tolerate. I want to ask you about your situation right now. Are your goals, habits and environment supporting you to become the best version of yourself possible? Sometimes we think that life is supposed to be daisies and rainbows, but in life when we've experienced it for a handful of years, we need to come to the reality that no matter what path we choose, there will be a pain. I choose to have the pain that will create the payoff. It's our job to create an environment that works in our favor. People-pleasing can be extremely paralyzing. I want to share with you an excerpt from the podcast that I listened to that woke me up to what my potential truly is. I want to relay that to you. I want you to read this and I want you to tag me on Instagram, @LadyBoss_SP. Shoot a quick video or send me a message and tell me what the one thing that you're going to do that is going to move the needle in your life will be.

Let me read this verbatim from what he said, “I'm not going to enable you to stay where you're at. I'm going to shake you by the shoulders and I'm going to say, ‘What are you so attached to that is stopping you from making a move you know you want to make to the area to where you're going to thrive?’” Choose the pain. No version of life is pain-free. You're either choosing the pain of default or you're going to choose the pain of the payoff or the pain that is productive. What is your version of your boss bold move? Maybe it's moving from that small town to that big town. Maybe it's moving from that cold place like Minnesota to that warm place you know you want to go to. Maybe it's simply moving from a lower energy environment, switching up your friends to a high-vibe space and environment. What is holding you back from that next level in your life? Maybe it's as simple as throwing out the junk food in your pantry. I don't know what it is, but I dare you to think about what your shift is that you need to make in your life. Think about what is possible for you in your life.

I want you to create your reality. What could your reality look like if you had stronger boundaries, made tougher choices, got more creative? Let's reverse engineer it. You have the opportunity to invent your own reality. Anyone can, but you have to refuse to settle for the status quo. Your environment will always be stronger than your willpower and there are three layers to this. You start off by choosing your beliefs of what you want or your goals, in turn, is what that is. You have to create the habits to enforce the beliefs, and then you have to build your ultimate tribe to back up the beliefs.

It's everyone's responsibility to build a support staff. Who are the people in your life that are going to keep you on track for your goals? If you have people in your life that say, “You tried hard. You did a great job. It's okay, you didn't quite hit the goal.” Don't allow those people that are going to put their arm around you and love you no matter what to steal you of your destiny. This might be some hard love, but who are those people that are going to be in your life and call you out on your own BS? Everyone is finding evidence to support what they want to believe at the moment. How is it serving you?

December 31st Of 2019

This will help you discern what you need to release. This shift that I walked myself through was one of the biggest game-changers in my life. This was halfway through the year. I asked myself these questions and when I answered these questions, it gave me a crystal-clear game plan of what I needed to do to go to that next level in my life. I want you to close your eyes and come with me to December 31st of 2019 and you're celebrating your best year yet with your besties. I want you to sink into how you feel. Imagine the massive impact you have made and the lives you've touched. This has been the absolute banner year in your life to date.

I want you to sink into where you are living on December 31st. Who were you living with? How do you feel? Did you start writing that book? Did you decide to take the leap and start that side hustle and forget what other people think? Did you decide you're going all-in to get rid of your debt so you can give yourself that beautiful gift of freedom in your life? I want you to dial into what your soul is calling for. Think about all you've accomplished and the people you've invested in. I want you to open your eyes. I want you to come back to reality. What is the date? I want you to write down on a piece of paper and pen these things.

Taking The Leap: If it's not a "hell, yes," make it a gracious "no" and pursue the God ideas versus just the good ideas.

Taking The Leap: If it's not a "hell, yes," make it a gracious "no" and pursue the God ideas versus just the good ideas.

Number one, I want you to list out your top three wins for the first half of the year and celebrate them and be grateful for what you've accomplished. Do that first. Number two, I want you to list out the top three goals you need to accomplish between now and the end of the year in order to make that vision your reality. Next, ask yourself what has been draining me of my energy in the first half of the year? I don't know when you're reading this. Maybe it's three quarters through the year. Maybe it's the end of the year. Whatever time frame it is that you're reading this, dial it in to where you're at and maybe put it a few months out or put a year out to give you perspective.

Ask yourself, “What's been draining me of my energy in the last 60 days, in the last 90 days or the last half of the year?” whatever that looks like for you. “What do I need to do to shift into joy?” To give you a couple of ideas of what it was for me. I needed to do more automation in my business. I needed to delegate more things in my life. I needed to eliminate the things that weren't serving me. Because here's the deal, by saying no to all the things you should “do,” you are saying yes to your God-size dream. My two cents is if it's not a hell yes, make it a gracious no and pursue the God ideas versus just the good ideas. That's going to give you the freedom and space in your life to pursue your ultimate calling.

The next question that I want you to ask yourself is, “How I can step into my power in the second half of the year and live unapologetically?” That could be a lot of different things. Maybe it's joining the 5:00 AM club. Maybe it's running a marathon. Maybe it's moving across the country. Maybe it's starting to write that book. Maybe it's volunteering. I don't know what that is for you, but ask yourself, how can I show up in such a massive way for myself and in turn give the people in my inner circle that permission to do that exact same thing? Now is your time to live the life you crave. I want to leave you with this. Life is too short not to take the risk. Embrace the now and go with your gut.

It is your time to power forward to your full potential. Yesterday ended last night. Tomorrow is not promised. Today is your day to live the life of your dreams. I believe you owe it to yourself, you owe it to your tribe, and you owe it to your Creator to do that thing that your soul is calling for. I would be honored and blessed if you would take a screenshot of this episode and follow it by a quick ten-second video or writing it out. Send me a message and tell me how this episode impacted you and the shift you are going to make in your life because how you do something is how you do everything.

When I decided to make the leap and let go of everything that I know, but being very suffocated in that environment and taking the leap to go into an environment that I don't know, people that I don't know, opportunities that await me, I made the leap because I knew that was what I was supposed to do. Massive shifts have happened in many levels, in my physical world, mental world, spiritual world, financial world. It will open up your wildest dreams when you decide to take a chance on yourself. I want to challenge you to live unapologetically and like I leave at the end of every one of my episodes. My challenge to you is to fire your fear, build your faith and become the boss of your own life. You are created for greatness. Let's go get after it. I believe in you. I love you. I appreciate you. I'm here for you, cheering you on to your God-size dreams. Let's go.

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